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SpectraPlot Simulation Software

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"" contains the SpectraPlot build for simulating atomic spectra using the NIST atomic spectra database.

Under the assumption of local thermodynamic equilibrium (LTE), the electronic energy level distribution of a gas at a given temperature is described by the Boltzmann relation. Using this relation in conjuction with the transition probability for a given state, the relative intensity of an atomic transition may be calculated. In addition, doppler and natural line broadening mechanisms are incorporated into the software. Typically, the FWHM of these line widths are small compared to an experimentally measured spectrum. Conveniently, this "apparatus" line profile may be described by the convolution of a Lorentzian and Gaussian line profile (Voigt profile) convolved with a square profile. This "apparatus" profile gives us the final result. See the included PDF for more instructions on program usage. In addition, the program includes two sample input files from NIST (ArI and NI).

For more information regarding the model please refer to the following publication.

A. Fierro, G. Laity, A. Neuber, "Optical Emission Spectroscopy Study in the VUV-VIS Regimes of a Developing Low-Temperature Plasma in Nitrogen gas," Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, vol. 45, 495202, 2012.

It is requested that the above publication be referenced should this software package be used.