Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics.
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High Power Switching


Multiple efforts are underway to improve high voltage, high current switching which is critical to a variety of pulsed power systems. High pressure spark gap switches are being investigated for use in phased arrays of pulsed ring down antennas. The effects of gas pressure/mixture, electrode material, and trigger level on recovery rate and jitter are being evaluated. Efforts are also underway to develop optically triggered photoconductive semiconductor switches (PCSS) for use at very high reprates (MHz) and high voltage/current levels. These solid state switches provide sub-nanosecond closure and jitter times and a large swing in device resistance (>MΩ to Ω). Explosively driven shock conduction of insulating materials has also been investigated as both a closing and opening switch.


Dr. James Dickens, Associate Director, C. B. Thornton Professor

Dr. Andreas Neuber, Associate Director, AT&T Professor