Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics.
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The Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics carries out cutting edge research and development in pulsed power and power electronics. It also provides a critically needed supply of highly trained graduates as well as advice and unique research facilities for industry and government. The Center is the leading university laboratory in its field of research in the United States and internationally recognized as one of the leading research laboratories in this field in the world.

Ongoing Research

Explosive Pulsed Power

Electrical Breakdown and Flashover Physics and Modeling


High Power RF and Microwave Source Development

Power Electronics

Recent Research

Compact Pulsed Power

Soil Vitrification System

Subnanosecond Breakdown in Insulating Media

Pulse Power Thyristor Recovery Times

Intelligent, compact power conditioning

Surface Discharge Switches

Plasma Limiter

Feasibility Study of Explosively Formed Transient Antenna

Fast, real-time monitoring of rotating machines using a digital motion control co-processor

Compact, HV, Repetitive, Pulsed Power Systems

Pulse Transformers

Ultra compact, Repetitive HV Generators