Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics.
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Presently, the Plasma, Power Electronics, and Pulsed Power Research Programs are Funded at nearly $4,500,000 per year. The work conducted at the Center For Pulsed Power and Power Electronics focuses on:

Some past program examples in the Texas Tech University Pulsed Power Laboratory:

New programs in the Texas Tech University Pulsed Power Laboratory (1997-1998):

Programs in the Texas Tech University Pulsed Power Laboratory (1998-1999):

Graduate Studies

Numerous grants and contracts support a variety of research that provides opportunities for graduate students to interact with  prominent researchers in industry and at national laboratories. These associations are valuable to the research in progress and the long term benefits are inestimable. Financial support ($2000-$2600/month per student) for graduate study is for the most part obtained from Research Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships. All supported students pay in-state tuition and part of the tuition and fees are paid.

The Center For Pulsed Power and Power Electronics at Texas Tech has generated many theses and dissertations over the past thirteen years. Plasma and pulsed power related graduate courses offered in the EE Department include:

Lab and Support Facilities

A new EE research building, largely devoted to pulsed power related research was completed in 1998. The P3E Center occupies a total floor area of over 15,000 square feet. Fifty percent of the research space is comprised of high-bay facilities.

Computer resources available to the Pulsed Power Program include several state-of-the-art WinXP MPS workstations with multi-gig memory , high-end 3-D graphics co-processors and high-speed network connections. Also available in the lab are various Pentium 4 class PC's, color and black & white laser printers, scanners, image converter cameras, mega pixel digital cameras, and a Windows domain server with redundant hard drives and domain backup server.

Software being run includes numerous "standard" and locally developed code, specialized computer codes. We also have the availability of the following codes of special interest to the proposed work:

A representative sample of the equipment and facilities used in the pulsed power research is given below.