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Publication Year:  2018
+ Electro-Thermal Tcad Model For 22 Kv Silicon Carbide Igbts
  Hinojosa, M; Ogunniyi, A; Bayne, S; Van Brunt, E; Ryu, SH
Abstract:  This section presents the current progress in the development of an electro-thermal numerical model for 22 kV 4H-silicon carbide IGBTs. This effort involved the creation of a TCAD model based on doping profiles and structural layers to simulate the steady-state and switching characteristics of recently-fabricated experimental devices. The technical challenge of creating this high voltage SiC IGBT model was incorporating semiconductor equations with sub-models representing carrier mobility, generation, recombination, and lattice heat flow effects with parameters conditioned for 4H-silicon carbide material. Simulations of the steady-state and switching characteristics were performed and later verified with laboratory measurements for an N-type SiC IGBT rated for 22 kV with an active area of 0.37 cm(2) and a drift region of 180 mu m.
Publication Year:  2017
+ Synthetization Of Signals By The Transmission And Superposition Of Bipolar Impulses In Free Space
  Shaw, Z; Feilner, W; Dickens, JC; Neuber, AA
Publication Year:  2016
+ Compact Reflex Triode With Multi Cavity Adjustment
  Barnett, DH; Rainwater, K; Lynn, CF; Dickens, JC; Neuber, AA; Mankowski, JJ
+ Next Generation Ionospheric Heater Antenna
  Esser, B; Dickens, J; Mankowski, J; Neuber, A
Publication Year:  2015
+ Compact Reflex Triode Operation At 10 Hz Repetition Rate And Long Pulsewidths
  Rocha, E; Parson, JM; Lynn, C; Dickens, JC; Neuber, A; Mankowski, J; Queller, T; Gleizer, JZ; Krasik, YE
+ Nanosecond, Pulsed Microdischarge Uv And Vuv Sources
  Stephens, J; Mauch, D; Feathers, S; Mankowski, J; Dickens, J; Neuber, A
+ Photoionization Relevant Extreme Ultraviolet Emission From Developing Low Temperature Plasmas In Air
  Stephens, J; Fierro, A; Beeson, S; Dickens, J; Neuber, A
Publication Year:  2011
+ Computer Simulation Of Power Electronics And Motor Drives
  Giesselmann, M
Publication Year:  2005
+ 1000 V, 30 A Sic Bipolar Junction Transistors And Integrated Darlington Pairs
  Krishnaswami, S; Agarwal, A; Capell, C; Richmond, J; Ryu, SH; Palmour, J; Balachandran, S; Chow, TP; Bayne, S; Geil, B; Jones, KA; Scozzie, C
Abstract:  1000 V Bipolar Junction Transistor and integrated Darlington pairs with high current gain have been developed in 4H-SiC. The 3.38 mm x 3.38 mm BJT devices with an active area of 3 mm x 2 mm showed a forward on-current of 30 A, which corresponds to a current density of 333 A/cm(2), at a forward voltage drop of 2 V. A common-emitter current gain of 40 was measured on these devices. A specific on-resistance of 6.0 mΩ-cm(2) was observed at room temperature. The on-resistance increases at higher temperatures, while the current gain decreases to 30 at 275° C. In addition, an integrated Darlington pair with an active area of 3 rum x 3 mm showed a collector current of 30 A at a forward drop of 4 V at room temperature. A current gain of 2400 was measured on these devices. A BVCEO of 1000 V was measured on both of these devices.